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  • Closed 2014 season
    The HV Asylum is closed for the 2014 season. We will be back next year!
  • Closed for the 2013 Season
    The HV Asylum would like to thank all of our visitors this year. We appreciate your feedback

Welcome to The HV Asylum

Nestled on thirteen acres is Long Islands newest and scariest haunted attraction. The HV Asylum! Centrally located on the island, the HV Asylum is the biggest and scariest haunted attraction Long Island has seen to date.

Begin your walk through a haunted western town where the undead are lurking at every step. Make it through, and you’re left to begin the long, dark walk through the Trail of the Dead. A long winding walk through pitch black woods, where tortured souls are looking to pass their misfortune on to you. Victims of plane wrecks were buried in shallow graves in these woods. Some stayed buried, some did not. If you’re foolish enough to continue, you’ll reach the abandoned mine shafts where you’ll encounter a plethora of genetically mutated humans and animals said to have escaped the asylum ahead. None of which are interested in company. But don’t run just yet, as you are headed directly into The HV Asylum.

Some say the HV Asylum was abandoned and shutdown due to illegal genetic testing performed on residents. Some believe the HV Asylum was closed due to paranormal events which caused not only residents to lose their lives, but anyone who dared enter. Once a year, the gates to the HV Asylum do open. And for those brave, or foolish enough to cross through, the terror does consume any bit of sanity they had left. Leaving them to become one of the tortured souls, trapped forever, in the HV Asylum.


Visit to discuss Long Island’s best haunted houses!

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